Gutter Cleaning and Repairs

We are experienced in all aspects of guttering and can reach up to 12 meters with our external gutter cleaning machine.

  • Gutter Clearing and Cleaning
  • Maintenance and Repairs
  • Fascia and Soffit Cleaning
Blocked, dripping or overflowing gutters can cause serious damage to your property such as :

  • Damp Problems
  • Damage to Interior Decor
  • Damage to the Structure of your Property
However many property owners overlook gutters due to the mess involved and access difficulties. We can remove debris, such as leaves and moss from your gutters and downpipes and check that your guttering system is functioning properly and protecting your property from damage.

Having clear gutters is a very important part of your property's weather system. It allows excess rainwater to be channelled properly through your gutters. A blocked or leaking gutter will potentially allow rainwater to penetrate into the external brickwork, which if left overtime could cause serious damp problems.  

We use an external gutter cleaning machine allowing us to reach almost any height and any awkward position. We can reach up to 12 meters (4 storeys) with ease. Even the area above conservatories is now easily accessible, making sure every inch of your guttering is clear.

We also repair guttering and downpipes to ensure they work efficiently.

Whilst the most important part of your guttering system is to make sure they are clear, dirty guttering and fascias also affects the aesthetics of the outside of the property. We can provide a specialist external cleaning service to ensure that the outside of your guttering, fascia and soffits are looking their best.

We also supply and fit The Hedgehog Gutter Brush. The award winning brush gutter guard, designed to prevent leaves clogging gutters and drains, keeping them clear for years.